Wednesday, 28 January 2015


So doing a regular 'style crush' post seemed like a good idea, because apparently I love to torture myself looking at beautiful ladies/outfits, knowing I will never really achieve what i'm looking at. Nevertheless, it's always good to share, right? And this may seem like a predictable choice, and I know we've all seen a million pictures of Marilyn Monroe, but I LOVE her. There's more outfits of hers I love, but I decided to go for the more casual Marilyn vibes, because casual 50's clothes are everything 2 me. I've also had a look round the old 'net to see if I can find some similar items, so enjoy!

Just below, the picture on the left are the clothes Marilyn got married in to her second husband, Joe DiMaggio. I have a black coat with a similar fur collar, but that bow is so cute and the little brooch, too. I must get a brooch! And on the right, it may not look like the most amazing of outfits, but if you look a little closer, you'll see her initials are stitched into the shirt. I need this. 

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 Marilyn wore this dress in the movie Niagara, but I think this photo was taken when she wore the dress again to some kind of party or public event. I love pink and this dress looks so beautiful! I love the little knot detail, and I just ordered a playsuit with something similar. Buzzing.

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What can I say? The outfit below is everything I aspire to be, really. Gingham pants have been on my wishlist forever, and i'm definitely going to try and recreate this cute little outfit. I need it!

Those two are from when Marilyn was in Canada filming River of no Return, however she was taking a break from filming after a leg injury (see cast on leg above). The two below were also taken by John Vachon during this time, except Marilyn is rockin the high-neck-cable-knit. 

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I thought i'd do a wee post about some of the little things i'm liking atm, they're mostly Christmas presents but there's a couple of things here that I treated myself to ;) Let's go!

So I've been lusting after a pair of Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes for God knows how long, unfortunately my lowly student bank balance would never have allowed me a pair. During the Christmas hols I was checking out Romwe, when I see the most beautiful £8 copies (£13 with delivery) I could have ever wished for! I obvs snapped them up immediately. Romwe is a great website price-wise, however delivery can be a bit pricey and take a while but I'm not complaining because these shoes are so beautiful. I cannot wait to wear them with every single outfit during the warmer months!
(OK, so, these shoes were in the sale when I bought them but now they are £58!! What a jip! You can still get 60% off your first order though!)

Here we have my lovely new Cath Kidston backpack my mum gave me for crimbo. It's so pretty and has made a wonderful upgrade from the tiny Cath Kids backpack I was using my entire first semester. Lemme just say that receiving new school/uni supplies is one of the greater joys in life. Plus, if you have a small enough laptop (I don't) there is a cheeky pouch in this bag you can slot a laptop into. Sorted.

This lovely book was a Christmas pressie from my wonderful boyfriend, Amrit. There's a few lines space for you to fill in over 5 years, and a different question for every day of the year, things like "The best part of today?", "Who would play you in a movie about your life?" and "What are you looking forward to?". There's also some deeper questions but you get the gist. I hope I can keep this up, it will be so interesting to see what future me thinks of current me (probably "what an idiot" or something to that effect).

Also a little shoutout to my friend Chloe who got me these lovely dachshund themed gifts! Hopefully they will tide me over until I can buy the real thing. The teddy stands proudly on the shelf above my bed, while rather unfortunately the notebook has the fun job of hosting my German grammar exercises! Viel Spass! 

Another 'treat yo self' kinda deal, I got this shirt from a little vintage/independent designer shop on Grassmarket in Edinburgh called Godiva. I love pink and the little frills make this probably one of the cuter garments I own. The shop doesn't have a massive selection, and may be a little pricey, but everything is really good quality. Don't miss it if you're ever in Edinburgh! I haven't really explored yet, but I do feel Edinburgh is slightly lacking in the vintage clothing department, so you got no other choice than to check this shop out, really. 


I thought i'd wrap this post up with a few songs i'm also enjoying right now!

Decided Knowledge by Dutch Uncles

Stephanie Says by The Velvet Underground

Borrowed Time by Parquet Courts


What are some things you're loving over this cold, unforgiving January??

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Movie Style: Heathers, 1988

So, as you can see, I love Winona Ryder. Aside from wishing we had the same face, in this movie I also wish I had her wardrobe and the confidence to pull off these outfits. Maybe just taking little elements from them will do? I don't think there's a scene in this movie where someone isn't wearing a cheeky brooch, it makes me want to raid my nana's jewelry box and just pop a brooch on every item of clothing I own. I also must go on a hunt for a hat like either of the ones below that would be able to fit on my massive head. Also definitely going to buy a red scrunchie to wear when i'm feeling particularly popular.

If you've not seen this movie, PLEASE WATCH IT. It's got all you'd want out of an 80's high school movie: big hair, all the high school stereotypes, an abundance of shoulder pads, croquet, murders-passed-off-as-suicides, Christian Slater in a very hammy (but enjoyable) performance, fabulous insults, and a happy ending. This movie is a great black comedy, but if that's not your thing, the aesthetics are sure to impress (if not make you cringe a bit).

Watch the original trailer ! (Bad 80's trailers are another of my passions)

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

handsome Edinburgh

 I just wanted to share these photos I took around Edinburgh on this lovely day at the beginning of September last year. How amazing do Princes St Gardens look!? Edinburgh never fails to deliver on the ol' beauty.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Manc vibes

What better way for my debut outfit post to involve this killa Primark 'leather' jacket?! It's beautiful, yeah, but picking it up for a tenner made the transaction even sweeter. I'm also a sucker for anything high-waisted so seeing these cords in the Urban Outfitters sale also made me feel #blessed. 
Here you're seeing my last trip into town before coming back up to Edinburgh, for semester 2 of my first year in uni! Let's hope it's fruitful ey! My last meal out in Manchester was a very delicious Byron burger, just looking at the picture is making me drool. 'Til next time, Byron x

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